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Lazy days = dresses #outfit #coordinate #fashion #dress #tralala #code #ootd #コーディネート #コーデ #私服 (Taken with Instagram)


Simple stripes (by Maria L.)

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i liked my scarf today :) 

(via psbydila)

(via psbydila)


Outfit of the day hai! Plain Jane

Patterned black and beige tank (GAP), crochet beige cardi with black lining (FOREVER), jeans (alsdkfaldk idk), red flats (TARGET), and a black belt (MADEWELL)

I’ve been so boring recently I’m sorry


Thursdays are PT days for Hubby! The tot and I always tag along. We like to watch daddy sweat! Plus, who DOESN’T love an opportunity to get dressed? As a stay-at-home mom, I only go to the park and the store so excuses to wear REAL CLOTHES are always welcome!


  • Navy and White Quarter-Sleeved Tee: Target
  • Long Navy Cardigan: Goodwill
  • Belt: Motherhood Maternity (taken off another shirt)
  • Maternity Jeans: Goodwill
  • White Flats: Payless
  • Toddler: My Uterus